Community Building Through Greening

When outdoor spaces are healthy, utilized, vibrant and green, community residents are engaged and invested in their neighborhoods. This is the type of productive environment that the Parks & People Foundation works to create in communities, particularly underserved neighborhoods, throughout Baltimore.

Parks & People works at the grassroots level with community groups, neighborhood associations and residents, and throughout all levels of government and the private sector to leverage resources and broker relationships that have a lasting impact on the future health and development of our communities.

In neighborhoods where there are well maintained public green spaces and trees, residents experience a stronger sense of community, have closer relationships with their neighbors, and report feeling safer: all critical components for the development of a healthy community.

Working together, public agencies, non-profit organizations, and citizens can, with very little investment, create greener communities. The choice to create a healthy environment that welcomes people of all ages, races, talents and lifestyles starts from within the neighborhood.

The Parks & People Foundation supports the efforts of citizens throughout Baltimore who are working to make their communities healthier, safer and more beautiful. Through our various greening programs and projects we are able to provide grant funds, technical resources and educational opportunities to “greeners” who are transforming their communities from within.

Each year Parks & People supports greening projects in an average of 25 parks and 60 neighborhoods throughout Baltimore and plants more than 1,000 trees. In fact, in 2013 we doubled almost tripled our tree planting efforts and planted almost 3,000 trees. We work to bring individuals and organizations together to solve the environmental and social problems facing our communities.

The Parks & People Foundation is helping to build communities through greening. Find out more about how you can help by exploring this section of our site.