Grants for Greening

Fall 2016 Neighborhood Greening Grant Round is now closed.

Neighborhood Greening Grants provide grants of up to $1,000 twice per year. Examples of greening projects eligible for a grant include, but are not limited to: vacant lot clean–up and restoration projects, community gardens, rain gardens, tree plantings, alley gating, neighborhood clean-ups, schoolyard greening, water quality improvement and environmental education activities. 

Please check bag soon for information about upcoming grant rounds.

Parks & People’s community grants programs help community residents to grow strong roots.

Grantees, applicants and interested community members are encouraged to contact Parks & People to discuss greening project ideas, seek advice or referrals and technical assistance. Grants may provide seed funding to encourage community-led greening projects to start small, and grow over time. Community members may attend free or low-cost training to continue to develop skills. The community-driven nature of the projects fosters sustainability and encourages projects appropriate for the community served.

For more information or to discuss your potential grant project, email Valerie Rupp or call (410) 448-5663 ext. 114.

Other Resources for Applicants

Community Greening Resource Network (CGRN): CGRN is a membership network that provides greeners with materials, information, resources and connections that can help sustain a community-managed green space.

Community Greening Events and Skills-building Workshops: Check out the CGRN shared calendar or sign up for Parks & People’s e-newsletter to receive notifications of periodic, free workshops offered by Parks & People. 

For more research and information related to community greening, please visit our resources page.