Neighborhood Greening

Project grants of up to $1,000 are available twice per year.

Examples of greening projects eligible for a grant include, but are not limited to: vacant lot clean–up and restoration projects, community gardens, rain gardens, tree plantings, alley gating, neighborhood clean-ups, schoolyard greening, water quality improvement and environmental education activities. 

Note: You may now apply for a Clean Water Mini-Grant by completing the last two pages of the Neighborhood Greening grant application.


  • Any community-based group may apply
      - Does not have to be an incorporated non-profit
      - Must have a group bank account OR fiscal agent
  • Project must benefit Baltimore communities
  • Project creates a healthier and more attractive neighborhood
  • Applicants must not have any open grant in the same category
  • Activities seeking support should not be completed before funds are award

Projects should:

  • Engage volunteers in project development, implementation and maintenance
  • Provide opportunities for community member involvement as volunteers
  • Build leadership within the community
  • Include a clear and logical plan for maintenance and sustainability
  • Benefit the community and the physical environment
  • Occur in a neighborhood with a need for financial assistance for the project proposed

Guidelines and Restrictions:

  • Projects should occur in Baltimore City.  Under certain circumstances projects located in Baltimore County that will directly and significantly improve the environmental quality of Baltimore City will be considered.
  • Funded activities should occur within one year.
  • Volunteers must participate actively in the implementation and maintenance of the project. Grant funds may not be used to pay for private contractors with the exception of one-time services that exceed the capacity of the group.
  • Typically, the majority of funds requested should be directly related to greening activities.  Examples of funded materials include plants, soil amendments, tools and trash bags.
  • Funds should not be requested for gas-powered tools.
  • Staff costs are not permitted.
  • Groups with open Neighborhood Greening Grants may not apply. 

Application Process

To be permitted to apply, potential applicants must:

  • Attend a grant training workshop
  • Submit a letter of intent
  • Participate in a pre-application consultation call
  • Participate in a technical site visit
  • Submit an application
  • Click here to learn how to apply

Review Process
A committee reviews all Neighborhood Greening Grant applications and recommends projects for funding. It also offers advice regarding the grant program’s structure, function, policies and procedures. The Committee consists of experienced greeners, non-profit and foundation professionals, representatives of city agencies, Master Gardeners, and past grantees.

Review Criteria

  • Level of volunteer participation in planning and conducting the proposed project
  • Extent to which the project will develop leadership skills among community participants
  • Impact of the proposed project on the environment and the community
  • Feasibility of the proposed project including accomplishments, timeline, and budget
  • Financial need of the neighborhood

The Neighborhood Greening Grant Program is supported by the Baltimore Gas & Electric, TKF Foundation and Baltimore Community Foundation.