Watershed 263

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Watershed 263 is a 930-acre storm drain area in west and southwest Baltimore City that encompasses part of 12 urban neighborhoods from Sandtown-Winchester in the north to the Carroll-Camden Business Park in the South. Surface water, carrying trash and pollutants, which collects on streets, alleys and vacant lots into the Baltimore Harbor after traveling through a 43-mile storm drain system that converges into one outfall pipe near the mouth of Gwynns Falls, in the Middle Branch of the Patapsco River. 

The Watershed 263 Project focuses on revitalizing urban communities by concentrating on strategies that improve both water quality and quality of life using greening or urban forestry projects. The watershed restoration plan includes: planting trees; cleaning and greening vacant lots; reducing litter; cleaning streets and alleys; creating community gardens, improving city parks and greening schoolyards where asphalt has been removed; increasing recycling; and supporting community stewardship and involvement. Small, low-impact, watershed restoration projects, like tree plantings improve environmental quality, create healthier communities, support economic development and offer educational and recreational opportunities.

The Watershed 263 Community Stakeholder Council was formed by 20 residents who represent the twelve watershed neighborhoods. The Council’s role is to sustain community involvement and stewardship in the project, review proposals for water quality and quality of life improvements, monitor its implementation using measurable indicators and generally work to support the project. The Council meets periodically and is supported by the Parks & People Foundation.

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Watershed 263 is highlighted in the Tales from Urban Forest audio program sponsored by the USFS and America Forests. The program was produced by Sound Print and is available in both a 4-minute and 30-minute format with photos. 

For more information on Watershed 263, contact Christina Bradley at (410) 448-5663 ext. 107.