Nature Field Trips on the Gwynns Falls Trail

The Parks & People Foundation Nature & Cultural Field Trip Program connects students with the Gwynns Falls Trail, a 15 mile linear greenway that follows the Gwynns Falls stream valley through five major west Baltimore City parks to the middle branch of the Patapsco River.  As students hike a portion of the trail and explore a variety of habitats including the stream ecosystem, they learn that a relationship with the natural world can be fun, interesting and relevant to their lives and thus, worth studying, protecting, improving and sharing with others.  

The program includes two hours of professional development that will increase teacher knowledge about how to use local woodlands and watersheds as outdoor classrooms. All activity supports Maryland State Curriculum Standards and integrates language arts, math, science, social studies and the fine arts. Field trip curriculum is designed for elementary and middle school students.

The Nature & Cultural Field Trip Program utilizes a team of environmental educators from the U.S. Forest Service, Gwynns Fall Trail Council, Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, and of course, Parks & People to provide meaningful outdoor experiences that reveal the interconnections between city watersheds, the health of our neighborhoods and the Chesapeake Bay.
Program Objectives:

  1. Increase student knowledge and awareness of ecology while exploring a nearby park.
  2. Raise student levels of self efficacy/stewardship in making a difference in the health of their local environment and that of the Chesapeake Bay.
  3. Conduct specific restoration activities including tree planting and habitat installations.

Field trips can be arranged during the academic day (4.5 hours) or afterschool (3 hrs.).

Experiences include:

  1. Identifying native tree and perennial species and their role in a healthy ecosystem  
  2. Conducting wildlife surveys and learning about the interconnectedness of livings things within an ecosystem
  3. Soil and stream sampling to learn about the health of the watershed
  4. Tree care and planting

Program Fees: There is a fee for this program.

Please email Sam Little or call him at (410) 448-5663 ext. 127 for more information or to arrange a trip.