Our Impact

Our Impact

This project is the embodiment of that belief, and will ultimately demonstrate how vibrant green spaces can transform an entire community. 

For 31 years, Parks & People has done an incredible amount of work throughout the city, all without a permanent home. Our staff delivers our mission to the people of Baltimore with the help of volunteers, coaches, camp counselors, scientists, and many partner organizations — and until this time, we have never had the indoor and outdoor space to be as effective as we can be. 

With this project we will take our work to the next level — transforming an overgrown, abandoned park into a vibrant, dynamic place where people of all ages will come to learn and play with the goal of bringing out the best in our city

This project will have a ripple effect.  On our campus you can participate in classes and workshops, hand-on environmental education, and get the technical assistance to tackle projects of your own in backyards and schoolyards, on streets and vacant lots, medians and gateways — every shady spot and flowering pot making our lives and our city a little better.  

Imagine a town square for all the things we love about the outdoors—a place where you can learn how to prune a tree, see a show, kick a ball, take a stroll or read under a tree.  

Become a part of this transformation and make a donation today to “Turn our leaf green”. 

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