Explore all the avenues you have to support Parks & People

Parks & People has been contributing to Baltimore’s green space development and youth programming since 1984.

Help us to continue to achieve our vision — for a Baltimore where everyone is connected to their community and to nature — by supporting our efforts in the following ways.

Make a Donation

We accept contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, and others.

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Planned Giving and Other Gifts

We offer a number of ways to make a special gift now or in the future.

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In-Kind Donations

We are happy to receive donations for programs: snacks for after school, new sports equipment, school supplies for camp, and more.

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Give at Work

Learn how you can give to Parks & People through payroll deductions.

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The Ella Thompson Fund

The Ella Thompson Fund supports programs that provide recreational opportunities to children in many of Baltimore’s most underserved neighborhoods.

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Community Investment Tax Credit Program (CITC)

The CITC Program supports nonprofits by awarding Maryland tax credits to individuals and businesses who make donations. Find out what that means for you.

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No matter how you choose to show your support for Parks & People, you will be helping to make a change in your community.