Concept for TouchPoint Empowerment Center
Dr. Lance with Adeline Hutchinson and Romaine Smallwood

Dr. Frank Lance emcees TouchPoint Empowerment Center press conference

Parks & People’s President and CEO Dr. Frank Lance had the exciting honor of emceeing TouchPoint Empowerment Center’s first press conference this morning. In the vacant old box store filled in many community organizations, students, elected officials, nonprofit representatives, corporate executives, activated citizens, and friends and family. There was a lot of love and support expressed in that room as we all celebrated one thing: a personal, tangible investment in Greater Mondawmin and Baltimore City.  

Working with the Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council, local business leader and community supporter Tim Regan personally purchased the former Mondawmin Mall Target store to create an active community hub that will revitalize the historic West Baltimore neighborhood and Mondawmin Mall. The vision includes launching businesses, organizations, programs and collaborations that the community itself outlines as needs. TouchPoint’s mission is to nurture collaborations across Baltimore by developing personal connections to ensure everyone is lifted up and to empower their communities and neighbors.

As to the ‘Why?’; Tim opened up about his humble beginnings, family struggles, and about being born and raised in Baltimore City. Tim is from Baltimore and shares in its challenges and triumphs. He can see the stress and fear in people’s eyes of “being close to the edge” and knows what lack of opportunity can do to a community. Which is why Dr. Lance relayed, none of this had to happen. It’s coming together because someone with resources cared enough to do it. 

Parks & People sits on the Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council which will work diligently to plan, develop, and update you all on this invaluable addition to our neighborhood. We are honored to be a part of something for all of us. Big thank you to Tim Regan, Calvin Butler, Whiting-Turner, Exelon, BGE, Thread, The Center for Urban Families, Baltimore Corps, and all of our brilliant GMCC partners. 

TouchPoint Empowerment Center is set to be opened by 2023. 

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