Over 47,000 people live in neighborhoods within a 20 minute walk (one mile) of the Middle Branch waterfront.

Waterfront Neighborhoods (within a 10 minute walk)
  • Brooklyn
  • Carroll-Camden Industrial Area
  • Cherry Hill
  • Fairfield Industrial Area
  • Port Covington
  • Stadium Area
  • Sharp Leadenhall
  • Westport

Additional neighborhoods within a 20 minutes walk 

  • Barre Circle
  • Curtis Bay
  • Federal Hill
  • Inner HArbor
  • Lakeland
  • Locust Point
  • Morrell Park
  • Mt. Winans
  • Otterbein
  • Ridgely’s Delight
  • Riverside
  • Saint Paul
  • South Baltimore
  • Washington Village/Pigtown


Organized Communities

The Middle Branch Waterfront includes neighborhoods involved with three unique multi-neighborhood partnerships or coalitions. These groups help raise and/or invest funds in projects and programs that benefit residents, and advocate for the interests of the people living in the neighborhoods they serve.

Greater Baybrook Coalition

Greater Baybrook Alliance brings together Brooklyn, Brooklyn Park, and Curtis Bay to maintain healthy and sustainable communities.


SB7 Coalition (SB7) is a community organization representing the South Baltimore Communities of Brooklyn, Cherry Hill, Curtis Bay, Lakeland, Mt. Winans and Westport.

South Baltimore Gateway Partnership

The South Baltimore Gateway Partnership provides a nimble and flexible vehicle for enhancing the vitality of the South Baltimore Gateway neighborhoods (Barre Circle, Carroll-Camden Industrial Area, Cherry Hill, Federal Hill, Federal Hill South, Lakeland, Middle Branch/Reedbird Parks, Mount Winans, Otterbein, Pigtown / Washington Village, Ridgely’s Delight, Riverside, Saint Paul, Sharp-Leadenhall, South Baltimore Neighborhood, Westport), empowering community institutions and improving the welfare of the resident.