Congratulations on being accepted as a volunteer for SuperKids Camp 2019! This form will help us gather necessary information about orientation, and your placement wishes.

  • Volunteer Assignment

    This information should have been sent to you in the email notifying you of your acceptance and asking you to fill out this form. If you are unsure, please contact or 410-448-5663 ext 113.
  • CIT Site Preference

    Rank your top 3 site preferences below. We will do our best to accommodate everyone's preferences.
  • Environmental Educator Volunteer Site Selection

    Depending on your availability, environmental education happens at one of two parks, Leakin Park or Druid Hill Park. Druid Hill Park takes place in the morning and also includes the zoo and the PPF campus. Leakin Park enrichment takes place in the afternoon
  • Availability and Orientation

    Choose your volunteer orientation date and confirm your availability