Cover for Liberty Playground Spotlight
Before image of Liberty Elementary Playground, bleak landscape with very old swing equipment
After picture of Liberty playground with new high end playground equipment

Liberty Elementary Playground Park Spotlight!

The Liberty Elementary School Playground and School Yard Project

A few months ago we wrote about our latest school yard improvement project at Liberty Elementary.

We’re happy to announce that Liberty Elementary School has two new high quality playgrounds and outdoor classrooms!

Liberty Elementary had a playground more than 25 years old, with many broken parts, jagged edges, and was generally unsafe and inaccessible. This playground not only services the 500 students in attendance, but also the adjacent rec center and surrounding community. Knowing how essential play and quality outdoor space is to developing minds, it was imperative to overhaul this space completely for the entire neighborhood. We needed to provide a safe playground environment for everyone with modern, inclusive, and engaging equipment the growing community!

Alumni give back!

The alumni of Liberty Elementary School, lovingly known as School 64, raised money to replace the decades old play equipment as a gift to their beloved alma mater. Through philanthropic giving and leveraging funds, Parks & People was able to give new life to this space. As always, the community is the true leader in our designs. We always ask and listen to what they need and want from the space. The students of Liberty even chose the equipment and colors they wanted. Naturally, the pandemic added extra challenges to this project, but it also helped push this park as a priority for the community. Parks & People is proud to have managed and directed this renovation!

Features & Impact

Liberty Elementary now features:

-High end, inclusive design for children of all abilities
-Two distinguished areas for 2-5 year olds and 6-12 year olds
-Musical instrument play equipment
-Outdoor classroom, complete with chalkboard and natural boulder benches for the kids
-Garden beds
-Safe, rubberized play surface
-17 native canopy trees
-700 perennial native plants

Thank you to all the representatives, faculty, staff, and press who attended an unforgettable ribbon cutting.

The Liberty Elementary School Yard transformation would not have been possible without the hard work of:
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