Upton Gateway Parks Groundbreaking!

Parks & People broke ground for Historic Upton’s series of parks! All of our projects are special, however the revitalization of vacant homes and land in West Baltimore’s Historic Upton is an inspiration. This project showcases the power in community driven projects. Decades in the making, Upton’s revitalization is a resident driven project to stimulate redevelopment of this cornerstone neighborhood. The Upton Gateway Project is currently rehabbing 38 affordable luxury homes in the area. For this reason, we are building a series of 4 green spaces with the goal of reestablishing this area for a new generation of homeowners in West Baltimore.
This neighborhood seeks to be a “community of choice.” It certainly a brilliant, inclusive blueprint of what redevelopment in Baltimore can be. Most importantly, this is development without displacement. Moreover, project seeks to preserve the historic character of Upton and strengthen the heritage by creating wealth opportunities for their residents.
By redeveloping this neighborhood, we hope to provide amenities to meet the diverse needs. Likewise we want to achieve that beautiful balance of new renovation and greening vacant lands. Our planned improvements include new trees, crushed stone pathways, fresh landscaping, fencing, boulders. All of which will transform once blighted spaces into attractive pocket parks for the community.
Parks & People was honored to take this project to the next level.
For information, be sure to check out: https://www.facebook.com/historicupton 

Stay tuned as we start construction on Upton and cut the ribbon this Spring!

Group of people shoveling and smiling at park groundbreaking
Group of people standing with shovels smiling at park groundbreaking
Man woman and baby at park groundbreaking
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