P&P Black Butterfly

If you had the chance to attend Parks & People’s “Black Butterfly” seminar with the wonderful Dr. Lawrence Brown, thank you! We appreciate your continued support of our programs, projects, and events. Everything we do is in the hope that we can improve Baltimore through green space and education, because everybody deserves a park.

Click here for photos of the event!

It was an honor hosting Dr. Lawrence Brown on our campus to discuss his work on Batimore’s “Black Butterfly.” Dr. Brown’s work has given Parks & People vital historical context and a framework for our projects and mission, even leading us to map our work within this structure. 

Dr. Brown walked us through Baltimore’s history naming it “ground zero of American apartheid.” His research shows how local and federal governments colluded to segregate the city with the most drastic Jim Crow measure the country had ever seen. How public housing, highways, and green space distribution are still being decided by these policies. 

Dr. Brown also offered effective solutions on what organizations and individuals can do to restore the Black Butterfly. He asked, how can you change? Are you building community in a real way? Are there metrics? Are you consistent in your efforts? Are you advocating for people more vulnerable than you? Are you acknowledging the trauma? Are you asking or telling people what they need in their own communities? Are you allocating resources without displacement?  Ultimately concluding that our best hope is to make real, tangible changes in the environment and reminding us that “the difference is in the soil!” 

Thank you to the dynamic Dr. Brown for his time and the brilliant people who took time to support this event. Stay tuned if you are interested in more of our “Black Butterfly” conversation. 

If you didn’t make a donation during the event, we ask that you consider making a donation today to Parks & People and our work within the Black Butterfly, please visit: www.parksandpeople.org/about/donate/

An investment in Parks & People is an investment in catalytic change and community empowerment in our beloved city!