Baltimore Black Sox team playing baseball in historical image.Welcome to the Baltimore Black Sox Memorial Project!

Parks & People, in partnership with the South Baltimore Gateway Partnership (SBGP), is thrilled to lead the creation of the Baltimore Black Sox Memorial in Westport. The Baltimore Black Sox baseball team was founded in 1913 and began playing in Westport in 1917 as part of the Negro Leagues. This Memorial will be a prominent feature along a new African American Heritage Trail, symbolizing the indelible legacy of the Baltimore Black Sox and their profound influence on the city’s African American history and baseball culture. This Trail is an important facet of the Reimagine Middle Branch Plan’s framework for Equitable Development to honor and celebrate African American culture through the creation of a heritage district. Reimagine Middle Branch is a community-driven initiative, is led by the City of Baltimore, South Baltimore Gateway Partnership, and Parks & People, working alongside a team of expert consultants, stakeholders, HBCU faculty and students and Baltimoreans.

Our journey has just begun, and we are excited to invite you to be an integral part of this meaningful endeavor. This website serves as your gateway to comprehensive information about the project, offering a detailed letter outlining our vision, a survey to gather your invaluable insights, a schedule of upcoming community information sessions, and a comprehensive FAQ with pre-determined questions we look to answer in the initial phases.

We firmly believe that the truest reflection of Baltimore’s rich history can only be achieved through collaboration with the community and stakeholders like you. In the coming months, we are launching an extensive outreach campaign designed to ensure that this memorial resonates with the entire community. We are dedicated to embracing diverse perspectives and ideas in our approach. To achieve this, we have joined forces with Mayson Dixon Companies (MDC), a local African American-owned community engagement team, to establish meaningful connections with community leaders, neighborhood associations, local officials, and other key stakeholders.

Your voice matters in shaping the Baltimore Black Sox Memorial, and we are excited to embark on this collective journey with you. Explore our website to learn more, get involved, and help us honor this remarkable piece of Baltimore’s history. Together, we can make history come alive.

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Press Release | Feb. 14th


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